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We Specialize in SBA Loans 


 "I truly appreciate all of the learning and mentoring moments and know my SBA loan wouldn't have been approved without your wisdom and hard work.  I look forward to working with you guys on the next deal". 

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DCS has partnered with lenders offering both "Fixed" and "Variable" rates for SBA loans with terms ranging from 10 - 25 years.  Based upon today's rising rate environment, the rates being offered to qualified borrowers are extremely attractive: Starting at 5.65% "FIXED" for 25 years! 

Our team brings over 25 years of Commercial Lending experience with a focus on SBA lending.  We know that it takes a lot of time to do all that research, analyze all your business needs, find a respectable lender or private investor with an appetite for your funding needs, negotiate a deal with the best terms and rates, understand the terms of your financing, the list goes on and on.  

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Dragonfly Capital Solutions (DCS) represents borrowers that need to obtain financing solutions (access to Capital) for a variety of business needs, to include financing to purchase commercial real estate, purchase equipment or even purchase a business. We have relationships with a myriad of SBA, Conventional and Private Investors across the United States.